You may know Street Spice as the vibrant orange and green food truck serving gourmet sliders and succulent side dishes around Charlotte — all of which encompasses local comfort cuisine with huge global flavor. But what you may not know, is that Street Spice also provides drop and go and full-service catering options for luncheons, company events, weddings and various private parties in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas.  Yes - we do it all, including offering bartending options!

You may be asking, "Why would we hire a food truck to cater our company event?" Even though our Chefs have culinary degrees from esteemed institutions and over 20 years in the restaurant industry, we understand your concerns and as such, we're fully prepared to show you that we're more than capable for the job! Therefore, check out the top 7 reasons you should hire Street Spice to cater your holiday event! 

1 – Our versatile catering menu is culturally-diverse and globally-inspired


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Growing up in New York, Chef Daniels was exposed to–and not to mention, inspired by–a plethora of international eats at a very early age. As his dream has always been to bring global street food to the forefront of the culinary scene, our catering menu is rich with flavor and culture, which is sure to satisfy everyone from the occasional “snacker” to the professional foodie. Oh yea..and for the Instagram food photographers! 

2 – We are a full-service catering company in Charlotte, NC


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Ok so let’s state the obvious: yes, we’re a food truck, but not only so, and let us tell you why. Street Spice is a full-service catering company with an exceptional staff that is professional and provides a high-quality of service you would expect from larger vendors. So if you’re looking for a versatile menu packed with globally-diverse dishes, the freshest ingredients and a professional staff, don’t hesitate to give us a call. After all, we love it when our #HotlineBling. 

See what we did there?  


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 3 – We freakin’ love the Charlotte Community


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That’s right — WE LOVE CHARLOTTE! We’ll shout it from the mountain tops and all that stuff. Ok, maybe we’re exaggerating a little bit, but our love for the Charlotte community is why we do what we do! We love building relationships with our customers while cultivating a sense of community, and we love sharing our love of globally-inspired foods with you! “A community that eats together, stays together” – said…by us; we’re the only ones who said that, but you get the point.

4 – Our ingredients are the freshest


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Inspired by the freshest of ingredients, we pride ourselves on serving up delicious dishes that are made from scratch, including all of our tasty sauces, i.e., our front runner, Chimichurri Sauce. From our handmade marinades to special seasonings, our food is packed with major flavor that is sure to make your next event unique and memorable! 

 5 – We're competitively-priced



Our catering services are competitively-priced as compared to other companies in the Charlotte area.  On top of that, by offering a variety of menus that are customizable to suit your individual party/event needs, we always ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck! 

Additionally, we're currently offering 10% off of first-time catering orders with a maximum value of $50. Get it while it’s hot–this deal is just too good to pass up!

6 – Chef Daniels knows his stuff


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Our Chef is the best chef–this isn’t debatable! No seriously, Chef Daniels, our Founder and Executive Chef, is an alumni of Johnson and Wales and has worked in the restaurant industry for over 15 years which includes management positions with Olive Garden and Marriott restaurants and being a member of a task force focusing on opening up new restaurants in the US.  You can also find him sharing his recipes on WBTV  and supporting local farmers and businesses. Most importantly, Chef Daniels has been pivotal in bringing his New York swag and love of global eats to the front line of Charlotte’s food truck scene.

Not all heroes wear capes, some are New York-bred with a passion for global street food.

 7 – We offer a diverse catering menu with lots of options


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With every event, themed party, wedding and corporate function, we strive to provide the most customizable menu options to meet your catering needs. Offering a diverse selection ensures your event will be a success and we've got your comfort foods covered as well!  Some of our menu options include a gourmet slider bar, boxes and trays, and live-action chef stations to keep party-goers engaged! Want your event to be a hit? We've got you covered!

Convinced yet?! We sure hope so! Make sure to call us today to book your holiday event. We look forward to catering to you!