We Got 'Green Sauce In Our Bag' Swag 😎

“Hey, can I get some of that green sauce you guys have?” – is easily our most asked question during our Street Spice events. You might find this a bit surprising since the sauce is, well, actually green  – differing drastically from your run-of-the-mill red and yellow-based sauces. Nonetheless, our chimichurri sauce reigns MVP in our starting lineup of flavorful sauces, which is possibly due to the psychological fact that more intensely-colored foods are associated with a more intense flavor/taste.  If this is in fact true, I think it's safe to say we nailed it.

Our infamous “green sauce” is none other than our made-from-scratch Street Spice chimichurri sauce, which we use to marinate our juicy Flank Steak and other mouth-watering menu items.  Originating from Argentinian and Uruguayan cuisine, chimichurri sauce is packed with major flavor, and is the perfect addition to any of our menu items!

Never tried our chimichurri sauce?  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should:

1 – It’s green, so it must be healthy

Well, we’re no doctors so this might not be entirely true - but as it turns out, chimichurri is made up of ingredients that are highly nutritious and contain healing properties (i.e., parsley, oregano, olive oil, etc.).  Additionally, chimichurri sauce is pretty low in calorie-intake, so feel free to indulge without the worry! 💪🏾

2 – It packs a flavorful punch

Containing powerful spices such as parsley, garlic, olive oil, cilantro and cumin are sure to take your taste buds to the next-level.  Tantalizing and tangy – we can dig it! 👊🏾💥

3 – It’s globally-influenced

As we specialize in bringing global street food to the forefront of the food truck industry, our chimichurri sauce will surely awaken your senses while expanding your palette. Let our chimichurri sauce, which is rich in flavor and culture, be the gateway to other delicious global street food dishes! 🌏

4 – It serves as a great dipping sauce

Need a break from the mundane dipping of honey mustard and ketchup? Switch it up with our chimichurri sauce. In addition to it’s kick-ass flavor, it's versatile and has the perfect consistency for dipping.  Now that’s what we call #DipOnFleek. 

5 – It’s just damn good






Not much to say here except, well, the people have spoken.  #greensauceforthewin 🏆

Make sure you stop by our food truck soon to get your chimichurri sauce fix!