It’s that time of year again, guys. Yep, you guessed it – it’s officially fall! And you know what that means – colorful leaves, s’mores, football games, and pumpkin spice lattes – can’t forget the pumpkin spice lattes. 

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What we love most about fall is the comforting culinary pleasures the season brings. Unlike the summer months where food is a bit cooler and less complex, fall introduces hearty layers of seasonal spices that can bring a sense of warmth and nostalgia to any dish. Much like our signature Street Spice Pumpkin-spice wontons which can make even the biggest fall hater feel all cozy inside.

With the upcoming holiday season right around the corner, we’ve created a list of 8 must-have seasonal spices that you need in your life. Like, NEED. 

1 - Nutmeg    


Nutmeg – one of the most pleasantly fragranced spices – is very popular during the cooler months. You can often find this spice in seasonal sweets, and even in some vegetable dishes and warm drinks (i.e., hot cocoa, eggnog, cider, etc.). Not only is nutmeg tasty as all get out, it also contains curative properties like detoxification, digestive properties, reducing of insomnia and boosting of the immune system.  

Like they say, “Get you a spice that can do both.” 

2 - Cinnamon

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Cinnamon – known for its warm, sweet and savory taste – is one of the most popular spices for fall and winter. In addition to it’s tasty flavor, cinnamon also has many health benefits, some of which include anti-clotting, microbial and oxidation properties, blood sugar control, increase of brain function and protection against heart disease. Not too mention, cinnamon is just plain ol’ kick-ass.  

Not all heroes wear capes – some cook with cinnamon.

3 - Pumpkin Spice

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If you are obsessed with all things pumpkin-spiced, then fall is definitely for you. It’s the most obvious spice of the season, and of course, the most popular –hands down. From pumpkin pies, to pumpkin-spice lattes, this delicious spice is sure to take your seasonal dishes to the next level.  

4 – Carrot


Although not necessarily a spice, carrots are paired with a lot of sweet seasonal spices to create warm and delicious desserts. Carrot cake, muffin, pancakes – you name it, you can throw a carrot in it. Not to mention all of carrot’s healing abilities, e.g., reducing cholesterol, antioxidant properties, improving vision, boosting immunity, etc. 

5 – Hazelnut


Hazelnut is another sensational spice for fall, as it’s smoky and robust flavor adds the perfect touch to most seasonal dishes. Hazelnut is also paired with other sweet flavors, such as chocolate – hence the birth of Nutella – and what a tasty bundle of joy that is, right? Back to the discussion at hand, hazelnut spices up a variety of foods, and even some hot drinks that are sure to warm you up this fall. Like many other seasonal spices, hazelnut is no stranger to the healing properties – some including increased digestive health and brain function. Therefore, indulging in some hazelnut-inspired recipes this season is sure to have your brain and tummy collectively agree that “You the Real MVP”. 

6 – Apple Cider

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Nothing says “It’s fall” quite like some fresh apple cider. Despite popular belief, apple cider is not just for autumn-inspired drinks and cocktails, but can also be used to make cakes, doughnuts and other sweet and savory desserts that are quite fitting for the season. In addition, apple cider has been known to aid in weight loss, lower cholesterol, and act as an energy booster. 

7 – Maple Syrup

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When you hear the word “maple,” the first thing that probably comes to mind is maple syrup. Not only is this nectar sent straight from God’s pantry, when used in moderation, it can be a great alternative to cane sugar. Maple also contains a high level of health nutrients, and contains the ability to lower inflammation and aid in blood sugar control. We don’t know about you, but this certainly makes us feel a whole lot better about indulging in mouthwatering maple desserts this fall! 

8 – Sweet potatoes

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It’s no secret that due to their versatility and overall awesomeness, sweet potatoes are used all year around. However, the influx of sweet potato-based dishes during the fall season simply cannot be denied. And we could never deny sweet potatoes, like ever. From savory stews to a plethora of pies, this true root vegetable is sure to add distinct flavor while amping up the heartiness of any dish. 

We hope this list inspires you to indulge in some tasty fall dishes, and don’t forget to stop by the truck to get some tasty Street Spice Pumpkin-spice wontons! 🎃🎃🎃